Frequently Asked Questions

Each Ms. Bella contestant must be a size 14 or greater. We do not have a height limit or size cap.

Most who enter have never done a pageant before. We provide complete information leading up to the day of the pageant to prepare you.

Participating in the pageant provides women with an opportunity to gain additional life experiences. Contestants can enhance their personal and professional skills while developing their performance related talents. Gaining poise along with building self-confidence and enhancing self-esteem is the number one benefit.

The Ms. Bella Pageant  promotes being healthy and self-confident  at any size through encouragement, empowerment and enrichment activities.

A platform is a charity or cause that you would like to promote. Each contestant must have a platform which means choosing a specific local charity to promote or something to help bring awareness to that she will concentrate on through volunteer efforts should she win the pageant.

We encourage contestants to select a local charity in their community that they are most comfortable with.  Select a platform that they can relate to or are passionate about to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Each contestant has her own goals for participating in this pageant.  Answers for some may be: to become a better speaker, to learn new modeling skills, to overcome shyness and to get over stage fright, to get involved with community service, to win something, to shine in front of a crowd. These are all great goals and only you can decide what your true motivation is.

No! There will be attendants in the dressing rooms to assist you with some of your wardrobe changes. Contestants are prohibited from bringing their own personal hair and make-up stylists back stage or into the dressing rooms.

Yes! Tattoos and piercings are a statement of your individuality. It is up to you whether you choose to show them. If either are visible while in your competition wardrobe. You may remove your body jewelry or cover tattoos with body make-up if you desire. Judges will not judge negatively because of tattoos or piercing.

Ms. Bella must first and foremost conduct herself as a role model at all times. She is encouraged and expected to volunteer with her charity of choice she promoted during the pageant season.  It is her choice to be an upbeat title holder and to make as many or little appearances or community service efforts when she is able. We seek a special person who is respectful and who wants to share her positive spirit and energy with others. She can promote herself, her ambitions, her title and the pageant program through fun appearances and community service.

Yes! Score sheets are mailed two weeks from the date of the pageant for a small fee of $10.00 for processing and handling. You will only  be given your scores and comments, this way every contestant’s privacy is protected.

You DO have a contract like some other pageants. You do agree to follow simple guidelines, payments, payment  schedules, ticket and ad sale requirements, pageant rules, adhere to guidelines and rules,  to always be a good role model and  to be a good sport.

The Ms. Bella Pageant is in the business of promoting a positive forum for self enhancement, self-confidence and showcasing abilities and talents while rewarding  individuals in a variety of ways. Money received is put forth in an effort to achieve this goal we have. Fees pay for but are not limited to prizes, t-shirts, trainings, anything that is given away on stage, venue expenses, decoration, opening act, videography, photography, sound, lights, tables, stage, sashes, enrichment classes, pageant expenses etc…

No! Entry fees are credited to the current pageant year only.

No! All ad money is put into the production of the program book. The more ads we sell, the better the program book will be.

No! The Ms. Bella Pageant does not accept personal checks for registration or entry fees. We do accept company checks for sponsorship and advertising.

The $75  pageant application fee is non-refundable.  Once you have registered, you are fully aware that you have an obligation to fulfill and follow all guidelines and entry fee payment deadlines. You can get sponsors on your own or hold your own fundraisers to secure your funds. You are aware that you are responsible to fulfill payment of the entry fee whether you compete or not. If you make deposits towards your entry fee and are unable to compete, the entry fees are credited to the current pageant year only. There are NO refunds for any reason.