Miss Teen Bella Application

Eligibility Requirements

* Each contestant must be born a female.

* Contestant must be at least age 12-19 year old.

*Contestants must be at least a size 12.

* Contestants are required to participate in Fun Fashion, Opening Number, Talent, Evening Wear and On Stage Question.

* Each contestant will submit a head shot.

Non-refundable $100 Participation Fee

Non-refundable Application Fee of $50


Your application will not be processed until your application fee is received. 

Application fee and  pageant fees are non-refundable.

Completing and submitting this application affirms that you agree to abide by all of the pageant rules, show good sportsmanship and accept the judge’s final decision.  Completing and submitting this application affirms that you (if 18 yrs of age or older), your parent or guardian agree to pay for unsold tickets and ads whether you complete the pageant or not.You agree to release the director, volunteers and the Ms. Bella Pageant committee from all claims for damages regarding property, accident, injury or accidental death sustained during or in connection with this event.

Ms. Teen Bella Application